Hello girls,

welcome to my blog and thanks for passing by on my minuscule part of the internet and the bloggin community. Let me introduce myself to you in a very unorganized way.

I’ve studied literature at La Sorbonne.

I was born and raised in Paris.

My mother and father have set the example for my style. They were always stylish in a very minimalist way. My father use to say « good fabrics and good cuts » and « never more than two colors ». The apple… the tree.

My mum was more casual but still got style, it had a lot to do with the 90’s I guess. High waisted jeans and large cashmere jumper.s Her favorite brands were Agnes.b and Claudie Pierlot. During the day she was more Tomboy but when we went out in the evening she was always very chic.

I got a little bit of both now. With my own touch of course.

I love makeup, but in a very subtle way. I think it should enhance your beauty not replace it.

I wrote a book, tried to publish it. It almost worked but in the end didn’t. So I am trying to rewrite it.

I also make wedding movies with Vincent. We share the love of films and cinematographic technics.

Finally, I love the bloggin community, and I LOVE chatting with you, here, on your blogs, on Instagram. So never hesitate to interact 😉 I always respond.

I always buy all the products I mention. Always. I refuse all sponsorship, so that you’ll never have to wonder if…



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